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It's the feeling I won't anchor here
No rest impatient flood
A cowards' flight has turned to stolling walk
Or even pure attack
Still death is our rescue
But not this one
Never this one
As apparing this end may be
It's caused grief is real heavenly and cruel
These smile-evoking silent lips
Will never speak a word again
Forgive me
Could this drama end dazing drama end finally
All your miracles shining miracles illusory
I couldn't listen to even hear your promised lullaby
Angels wings are gone angels wings are gone I'll never fly
Still kept in motion still operating
Scuff at the puppet
Far too late I severed like Kain from guilt
Flying from pale dreams
I was wrong
It's the feeling I won't anchor here
Follow now and drown like a stone
In a mental world cursed humanity
Reach for water like gold
Too late now
Father never took
Father never took advice from it
Brother started to
Brother started to deny the deeds
I couldn't listen to
Even hear your promised lullaby
Angel's wings are gone
Angel's wings are gone I'll never fly
I'll never fly

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