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Giant Jack's theme - text


Jack comes home

Giant Jack was dead Giant Jack is maybe dead Oh, Giant Jack looks dead Oh, Giant Jack is not dead

He's carrying his shadow Through the grave city grave Skeleton tree growing On his own grave He's trembling cold With a frozen wind blowing Blowing through his teeth Blowing through his mouth Battle on his big blinked eyes Jack is on my back now

I was trembling like a bird with no feather on the skin I had gasoline all over my wings He looked like a storm with a solid body He looked like a storm He took off his shadow and put it on mine I said: "It's too large for a little me" He said: "You need this big black shadow To fight against the night It's a good shadow A bit encumbering And cold like ice But it will protect you well" He said He wore a strange coat with a hundred pockets full of books He said: "I give you books 'cos books are really good to fight against the night" Giant Jack shakes my hand Giant Jack and little me... Giant Jack is on my back Giant Jack is on my back Giant Jack, Giant Jack Giant Jack is on my back

Giant Jack is on my back (x8)

Text přidala Bobina87

Video přidala Bobina87

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