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Yo Frankie (She's All Right With Me) - text


You might think you need a beauty queen
You might want a California dream
Some guys fancy a Monroe lookalike
But my girl sends me higher than a rocket
What's her name
What's her game
Sounds the same
She comes walkin' down the street
Yo Frankie
She's all right with me
You might want a movie star type
I don't go for that show business hype
You might seek an uptown debutante
But my girl got me smack dab in her pocket

All that powder, perfume and paint
Makes me wonder some girls are what they ain't
She's specializin' on the heart and soul
I feel like a king in every way
You might want an assertive go-getter
You might think you need a cool jet-setter
Some girl's father who owns DuPont
But my girl moves me, got a Rolex in her socket

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