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Captured this mere man of mercy
And held fast him to an iron grip
Muscles tensed flexed humongous
Tearing dove like wings to shreds
Steel jawed set to devour
Last feeble prayers remain unsaid
Silenced by the machineries of war
Forsaken monuments of dead loyalties
Perished idyll messiah’s complex
His brow punished by a crown of thorns
Every thought and every memory ridiculed
Subjugation before the sign of horns
Every moment of life a sacred heart in sorrow
Piercing barbs at every beat of their bleeding hearts
Paraded trophy fallen from grandeur
Whipped and flogged this lord of the dance
Sullen skies filled with screaming fire
Blood red ocean brims and boils
Vandalized the house of heavens
Seized in Mithraic constructive coils
Eater of worlds
Conqueror of gods
I take my fill
Plunderer of stars
Steel jaws

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