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Beast atop the Trapezoid - text

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In the serenity of our cold solitude
The sanctity of our icy silence
Where we banished all that without
Beyond the shadow of any doubt
A foreign body alien life form
Unseen to the naked eye
To land upon the shores of our world
This is the body and blood of man
Overnight motives transposed
Compulsion instilled free will disposed
Psychic influence
Gene-host replaced
Bloodstreams infiltrated
Adoption of alien ideals
Manipulated culture
Habits and habitat
Biological anomaly
Old orders yield to new
I am the father
I am their sun
My radiance beamed
The sermon begun
Corporate signature
Embedded DNA
Property mine
To whom you’ll pray
I am the beast
Atop the trapezoid
Acolytes in servitude
Mine to deploy
Toxoplasma screens transmit
Mimetic powers obey submit
Myrmidon subordinates warlike drones
Hive mind compulsion engineered hormones
Neural networks and data banks
Army of iron-birds and armored tanks
Idol monolithic towered in glass
The fortressed city defends the ruling class
I am the selfish god you cannot defeat
Selfish gene with which you cannot compete

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