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Severed Lips - text


I want to help you
I sense you're riding pretty low
I got the feeling
When your hair hits the ceiling
Something, babe
You ought to know

I won't cry if you walk by
But if we both kind of stumble
Maybe I'll say hi
That's my best
I never try that much
Cause I'm scared of feeling
That appealing touch

You got to get through
My maze and pass every test
Cause I'm choosing one love
Tattooed across my chest

Know the time has come
I aren’t going to fester no more
Let the world be free
Of my disease
I never knew a rubber doll
Would be so hard to please

Now I'm preaching out
One last burst before I retract
No one will know
Till I finally let go
Of the one thing
I aren’t never going to give back

I want to help you
Baby can't you see
You're better than my pillow
Cause you don't stain so easily
You know it's hard
Just to finally let go
And leave all the pictures behind
Hope I brought you some happiness
I believe I just had to get on
Cause just wasn't a world
I wished to need to find

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Text opravil Sigur

Videa přidal Sigur

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