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See It on Your Side - text


I've been back here all this time, can you believe it?
I've been asked this one before, you won't budge at all
I've been left with a bad taste now can you see it
I've been asked again about it, you won't even call
All this time, we couldn't wait to get back
I'm scared, but you're only[?]

I got feelings everybody, I can't take it
If it's more than what you had before, I'll come around
As I said I'm going to flip and I can't fake it
I'm not done but I should leave them all for upper town
Please explain, so I don't even dream
One time, cause I know you're going over, when I need you
I don't want the[?] on their feeling

I can't take a lot I want, I got, I need it
Is it time for you I go right through and leave you there
Feel the picture of a time stuck in between us
Explanations don't seem how it feel to... the wind
All this time, yeah, all of the found
Take me back, cause the people always[?] around me, need it
And it's[?] to be usually out of reason
It's a shame to feel that there's no way on seeing it on yourself

Cause the people always[?] round away and see me
And it's[?] the people of the reason
And I can't explain the other day, plan to help me out

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