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Pieces - text


Peel me back, seal the crack
No excuse, pieces moved

Grab the wheel and feel the pieces of our love
Wrapped inside what I wouldn't wanna judge
Our love, our love

I can't stay, you won't wait
Meet me there, of course it's fair

Give me time to find the pieces of our love
Wrapped around me are the pieces I can't touch
Of our love, our love

Can you pull me out?
Can you wave a hand and suddenly there's no doubt?
Can you make it so?
Can you bring a smile that makes me forget? Oh no

I can't wait, is it too late?
I'm not sure, I'll take your word

Need some help to grab the pieces of our love
Wrapped inside you like it couldn't hurt you much
Our love, our love, our love, our love

Text přidal Sigur

Videa přidal Sigur

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