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In the place you said you'd meet me
I don't see you hanging around
I'm going home

If that's all you ever tell me
Seems you don't want to be found
I'm going home

Don't come over, I can't get lower
No more meeting, I been beaten

Got a blast of what I should be busy doing
Guess I'm low
I'm going home

I want to tell you that I miss you
But I'm pissed you blew me off
I'm going home

No more meeting, I been beaten
Go ahead fake it, I can't shake it

I breathe all alone for you
I need, nothing I can do

Vibes are pounding
The tension's mounting
Wrapped around me feeling tight
I'm going home

If you're casting out some psycho
Need-me tantrum, I won't bite
I'm going home

On a day that's burning this crazed
Don't tempt me 'cause I might
I'm going home

If it's going to be the last time
Well then maybe it's alright
I'm going home

It's inside, but go ahead fight it
I've about had it, go ahead grab it
I can't take it, go ahead fake it

I breathe all alone for you
I need and you know it's true
I breathe all alone for you
I need, but nothing I can do

People tell me that you miss me and I guess I'm doin' fine

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