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Don't Pretend You Didn't Know - text


Waiting all the time
All the people all the time
Waiting as I do
Don't pretend you didn't know
I know that there's no end
I know I'll see you again

Waiting on the line
All the people thinking why
Waiting not to shoot
I got off, but is it her
I know I'm not alone
I know I'm not alone

Calling all the time
You thought you'd spend your mind
Feeling back
Your edges getting deeper and deeper
Running for a sign
I'm back to change and file
And I ran to see if she's asleep
And she's a keeper

Waiting as I do
Don't pretend cause I don't know
Waiting, not today
Not the way I feel you say
I know it's far from home
I know I'm not alone

Crying all the time
Discharge is a sign
Came on as if that look is goING TO last the endless night
I'm on the line
Don't let me unwind
No I'm not goING TO love, I caught you past
Again your love is fine

Waiting on the shelf
I don't need it but it helps
Waiting isn't fair
I'd explain but you just stare
I know I gotta know
I know you hear this song
Waiting, waiting, waiting
Waiting, waiting, waiting

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