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"In the shadows of my gallow
I'd rather absent the hallow..."
(For) Thy presence made pleasure of pain
(and) Thy madness turned sanity into vain
Profoundly wicked owner of souls
The mysteries of Thy creation beheld by ghouls
Diabolically disguised heavenly bodies
(and its) atrociously desired primordial elements
Plunging through the confused heart of sulphur
In all this darkness, how can man see
"Pour misguided fool ...
It is not God you are talking to
I am not impostrous, hiding behind pearly walls
However, I am still yet to be found, known
I shall guide you on your midnight-ride as the sun fades black
(and) beyond your grotesque imagination
my name will be revealed...
The blod of Christ can't heal your wounds
Give me all of yours, and I'll give you mine..."
I am the hidden fantasy
In the secret of my knowledge
There is no God but me
In this shadowy world all are nameless
Outstanding, dresssed in majestic splendour
Touched by the flames of eternal fire
How I long for your embrace, uttermost desire

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