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I'm still here because
I've got nothing else to do
You're an asshole
But I'm getting used to you
I like the fact that
You talk incessantly
I got a thing for assholes
Who tell good stories
I think that drinking
Is the only thing that you do right
You're gonna self-destruct
I think that's what I like
You like me so you try and make me
Feel like shit
I think it's kind of funny yeah
I kind of enjoy it
If you're gonna do it, overdo it
That's how you know you're alive
Go ahead, take yourself a coma nap
Take a puddle dive
You said, this is my bedroom window
You said, this is my view
You said, lie down here with me
And see the things that I do
Like you were trying to tell me something
About the way you live
Like you would give me something
If you had something to give
And for all your talk
You don't say much that's real
I think I know more than you
About the way that you feel
I understand your anger
And your apathy
I think if I was you,
You're who I'd be
I'm still here
'Cause I got nothing else to do
You're an asshole but
I'm getting used to you
I could love you, yeah
I've entertained the thought
But I could never like you
So I guess I'd better not

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Puddle Dive

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