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Shots in the club like Plaxico
I'm in the corner, hot like Placido's
And Dicky fuckin' flow nuts, pistachio
And like Shelvin, I know how to Mack a ho
I got girls on my penis, flow is the meanest
Not Gilbert, but I'm sellin' out arenas
Do it all day, A. Peterson
Because I'm tryna get paid like Revis did
I met a French bitch, big lips, and she got a body
Told her put that ass on moi like Nnamdi
Fight like Rocky, white like Roddy
Hoosier Daddy all Knight like Bobby
Hot box ride, I can barely see
You know I keep my car melo like Anthony
Got bigger blunts than Legarrete, smoke outta Taurus
Put more keef in that Philly like Morris
Anybody better better than me, (no) good try
I'm the best like Jahvid, but I'm not lying
Not even a Tyson, no ear biting
My pockets fat with green, so Rex Ryan
I ball for the bucks like Luc Richard Mbah a Moute
But I'm a fuckin' superstar
And if they ask LD where he wanna live
Then I'mma tell 'em, where Markakis like Nick
I'm tryna get a little Kevin Love
And then I see a bad bitch starin' up in the club
She got an ass so sweet like a Cinnabon
I bet that bitch a giant freak like Lincecum
And so I go and approach her, we kick it like Stover
End of the night, I'mma own her, Hova
Liquor make a bitch feel raunchy, horny
So I'm getting big shots, Chauncey, Horry
Took her back to my Eddie House
And this fine ass bitch takin' off her blouse
And then my D Rose quicka than a bull at the garden
Dick like James from the way that it Harden
My name ain't Charles, but I pack wood son
My dick ain't Gretzky, but it's still a good one
She want that juice I ain't talkin' 'bout OJ
It's more like Mayo, something like OJ
Okay, now her clothes are off
And I can see her C pierced like her name was Paul
I couldn't care less, went down feelin' the flavor
It was hairless, something like Villanueva
My Rod Smart, so He Hate Me
When I don't cover him up wit a safety
But I coordinate that D, so I planned protection
Had a Magnum Rolle like Louisiana Tech did
Put a condom on my Ryan Braun
My Hebrew hammer, then we got it on
I was playin' with her boobie, Cavalier
We even made a couple movies, Shaq O'Neil
She had a real big cat, Andres Galarraga pussy
But I hit it hard, Troy Polamalu on that pussy
No acting but she had a big O Oscar
No PEDs little Dicky ballin' proper, let's go

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