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Ann, I'm just a wire stretching junkie in a punk rock band
I'm telling you, Ann
I'll be your friend till the end with a family plan
I promise you, Ann
I wanna be the boy that finally puts a ring on your hand
Ann, and you're the only living woman that I understand

Ann I wanna wanna marry
Ann I think I'm gonna marry
Ann so will you marry me, Ann?

Ann I realize other guys took advantage of you
I'm sorry but Ann
A lot of times seems like we all live in a zoo
I'm warning you, Ann
We're gonna be together till we're both a hundred and two
Ann, oh by the way, did I tell you I love you?

I'm thinking February
Next to the cemetery
Tell me, honey, does that appeal to you
Or would it be in poor taste
I think my brother will loan us some money
He'll throw us some rope so we both can elope
Let's do it today

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All This And Puppet Stew

The Dickies texty

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