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Gather round you children and and i'll tell you of a man
who blazed a trail of freedom on which this frontier stands
wagon wheels across the sand

the deeds he had were many and the foes he had but few
the brother of shushony marksman bold and true
the hero that the white man never knew

jim bowie lived by the blade
but the knife cuts both ways
his people lost his honour saved
it was men like jim bowie on which this land was made

I saw him in a vision with his dagger at his side
he trod the path of glory where the righteous ones abide
twas there he found his indian bride

a master of the falcon the skins he had to trade
he travelled to the outlands where the price of blood is paid
where dead men and the bounty hunters lay

god cast him down and he fell into the fire
his spirit trailed
while the flames were rising higher and higher

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Killer Klowns From Outer Space (EP)

The Dickies texty

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