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she asks him why
why i'm a hairy guy
i'm hairy noon and nighty night night
my hair is a fright
i'm hairy high and low
don't ask me why
coz he don't know
it's not for lack of bread
like the grateful dead darling

gimme a head with hair
long beautiful hair
shining streaming gleaming flaxen waxen
won't you give me it down to there
shoulder length or longer
here baby there daddy everywhere mama mommy
flow it show it long as i can grow it my hair

let it fly in the breeze
and get caught in the trees
a home to the fleas in my hair
a home for fleas a hive for bees
a nest for birds there ain't no words
for the beauty, the splendor, the wonder of my hair

i want it long straight curly fuzzy
shaggy snaggy ratty matty
oily greasy fleecy shining
gleaming streaming flaxen waxen
knotted polka-dotted
twisted beaded braided
powdered flowered and confettied
tangled spangled mangled and spaghettied

oh say can you see my eyes if you can
then my hair's too short

down to here down to there down to where it stops by itself
you never have to cut it it stops by itself...

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Second Coming

The Dickies texty

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