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he's hot blooded and he lives in the sea
he's black and white on your colour tv
this is a story of fortune and fame
and now there's only charlie tuna to blame
proof in the rainbow with all of the trout
but that's not really what life's about

free willy
coz willy really needs to be free
but will he be a star tomorrow
willy hasn't read for a part since free willy 3

he's playing vegas for those in the know
he's on the radio with kevin dubrow
when will he work again no one can say
and all he gets is unemployment today
and now his manager is telling him lies
that's not such a big surprise

for every scenario he has in his mind
leonardo dicaprio won't invest a dime
after all of the booze and broads he's left in his wake
now he's thirty days out of rehab
waiting for his next big break

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