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i want you before we retire
and it's all i require girl
and i'm asking of you
you know that your mouth's wide
so don't you deny it
if you do i won't buy it
girl what you're putting me through

so dummy up dummy up dummy up dummy up
i want you to dummy up

you don't stop day by day you're nothing but chatter
what the hell does it matter girl
you've got nothing to say
whine whine whine like julio gallo
it's the patter that's shallow girl
it's the price that you pay

every day's like a floor show
listening to a talking torso
asking me to open wide
take it outside

i don't want to hear you - please dummy up
don't want to be near you - please dummy up
end of conversation is the situation
if you'll only dummy up

you've incurred my wrath
you know you should fear it
but you don't even hear it girl

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Second Coming

The Dickies texty

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