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Miss Perfect - text


I'm sorry for what I've done
Maybe you're surprised by what I said
But I am not taking you back, I am no longer your marionette
Our relationship's over now, you didn't fight for it
And now I'm taking distance of the girl that's in close to me

I know you're sorry for what you did
And girl, I'm surprised that you asked that chance
'Cause I should've asked that chance, but I didn't want it

And I was never the first thing on your mind
Still I believe that you love me but I fell in love with another girl
All I want to do is be with her

'Cause with you the things wouldn't be the same
And I know you ain't gonna change
I don't want you to say no more
Don't want to get hurt again and start over

I just stopped loving you this time
But still you have a place in my heart
But you ain't gonna crack me anymore, anymore

When I said white, you wanted black
And now you cry, but I'll never take you back
And now you're recking me for being ruthless now
You'll lose the fight now, much girl asking why

So shut the fuck up, shut the fuck up
You really don't have the right to speak girl
I don't want to carry this anger
You didn't give me the chance to explain

Girl, the place will never be the same
'Cause I know people never change
I don't want to argue anymore
And bury our hate for each other and just be friends

I just stopped loving you this time
But still you have a place in my heart
But you're not my miss perfect anymore, anymore
No no anymore

Text přidala Liadesque

Video přidala Liadesque

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