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Writing You A Song - text


With this first line I should catch your attention
Say something 'bout your hair or maybe mention
That I love your big brown eyes or are they blue
But does it really matter cause you know I'm writing this for you

I could sing like the beach boys and call you a betty
But I'm sure you own a mirror and know that already
Should I tell you in my mind I call you dear
Maybe that would not be wise cause maybe you would think it's weird

I'm writing you a song and don't know what to say
Do I have writers block or do you take my words away
But you're the kind of girl that loves that sort of thing
So I'll put it in my song to make you fall in love with me

This isn't easy but at least it can't get worse
I'll just do my best to win you in the second verse
Well it's almost over and I haven't said a thing
I just hope you can figure out exactly what I mean to sing
(girl cause)

Here is where I'll bridge the gap
Of both the song and our two hearts
You should appreciate the pun
Cause that might be the best part
Things aren't coming out this time
I don't know what the difference is
But all I know is that you leave me speechless

Text přidal Moonblade

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