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Always liked grass to be green, but I just can't take the rain it seems sometimes
And that's how it is with You and me, I hate the very things I need sometimes

It's like a thousand pounds of irony come crashing down on top of me the day I learned what it means to be free
A heart that is enslaved to You, two feet that remain chained to You and follow You wherever You may lead
Oh, and then You'll see a heart that's free

Well it might just be stupidity, but I know my pride can swallow me sometimes
And I know You know much more than me, but I forget that fact so easily sometimes
Oh, but now I see Your plans for me
Oh, and now I know the grand scheme

Just 'cause I want it doesn't mean I need it 'cause I know You've got the best for me
I may not know what, I may not see it, but help me see You through the irony

Lord, give to me, oh, a heart that's free
Chain me now to You
Lord, give to me, oh, a heart that's free
Enslaved to Your truth

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