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Fool For Love - text


No I won't be the first
It's been a beautiful curse
Since the day that love was formed

Can you see helen's face
Though an outrageous case
It was love that first launched the war

And yet I'm dying to fight
For a love that is right
Oh a love that would make me a fool

In every sense of the word
Though it may sound absurd
What a joy to be called that for you

I'd be a fool for love
Cause that is what lovers do
I would dance in the rain 'til I was called insane
To prove that my love is true

Oh now I've spent my life
In the pursuit of wise
And it's not like I'm stopping that now

But I'm out of the box
And I'm changing the locks
Cause a fool's love is wisdom somehow

And I'd serenade you in the night
'til I count every star in the sky
And though others my stare well I don't really care
Cause I'd be a fool for...

You are worth ridicule it is so miniscule
To a love that is true
So set me on fire just to prove my desire
To burn ever after for you

Text přidal Moonblade

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