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Everyday God - text


Up here on this mountain I gasp at the view
This feeling inside me is 'cause of this fire for You
But the wind of the world will eventually take me down
Life has a way through my everyday of taking Your crown

But I'll sing on the mountains high
And I'll sing in the valleys low
'Cause my faith isn't based on emotions of mine
But instead on the truth of the Love I know

Schedules and deadlines, all the good things that I do
Replace the great, replace the space that has the shape of You
But mountaintop praise on everyday days returns my heart to the truth that I am loved by You

'Cause You are the God of amazing views
And You are the God of my everyday, too
When I am down in the valley below
I will sing of Your love so that others can know

Text přidal Moonblade

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