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As white as lily glimmered she
Like a ships fair ghost upon the sea
Shame on the man who passes by
This fallen angel from the sky
If you realized just who you could be
You gotta tear it up, and give it up and rip it up
I'll show you how life should be
She wipes the tears from her frozen cheek
Getting strong from her broken dreams
Vowed right then she would not cry no more
This goddess rose and dusted down
Cast her shadow on the ground
Took my hand and gently smiled at me
She said let's live it up, I want to start again
Give it up till I get it done
Pick it up come on show me how life should be
Just in the nick of time
I'm gonna throw you a line
To lift you up to where you once belonged
I was blinded by that Mona Lisa smile
How could I let you go and throw it all away?
What became of this desert rose
She grew up strong and so beautiful
A flower blossoms each and every morn
In the finest robes of eiderdown
My sweet lady I will lay you down
These precious times we love for ever more
She said lets tear it up I want to rip it up and give it up
Tear it down don't stop till I get enough
Live it up in this life when it's getting rough
Let's live it up I want to start again
Tear it up till I get it done
Pick it up come on show me how life could be
Come on throw me a line, throw me a line come on and throw me a line
Show me how life could be

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