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River of Loss
Sude in and swim, evade your fears
Pursue your dreams, don't let them sink
In te ipso fons est iaetitiae

How many times in my lifetime
I've tried to seek in the mystery of light
Diving in the depth of own desires
I found the origin, the sense of right

Love what is mortal, seek within you heart
to unveil where eternity lies
Go against the grin when the river is dry
and the last drops can't sweep along your time

Build me a bridge, so that I can cross it...

Sude in and swim
Evade your fears
Pursue your dreams
Don't let them sink
In the depths
Of the river of loss
The river of loss...

A mirage lies in the silvery surface,
forgotten echoes of lost dreams
Reflecting illusions of a glorious past set
their dance at the pace of the waves

Build me a bridge, so that I can cross it...

I'm the origin, the source of human's sins
All the painful acts you've carried and cannot deny
I'm your dark side, all you cannot purify
Flow your tears of regret you cannot hide
In the river of loss

Forsake those voices, their screams
of rage as the river is flowing away
Let run the tears of all that once
caused pain, set them free with the currents of fate

Text přidal DevilDan

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