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From the Embers - text


Ex cineribus resurgemus, ex cineribus renascemus

Beyond the senses I create a parallel dimension
Where I can keep my dreams, save my imagination

You know this is insane, you know you are living an illusion
You are owner of your thoughts and slave of your confusion

Ex cineribus et ad caelum versus; ex cineribus in astra

My fantasy is what made me live what made me keep on moving
When reality shook me blinding my eyes, breaking my wings

You think you're strong now, you believe in your regeneration
Turning your back to life won't take you to salvation

Never felt so close to the Apocalypse
But from ashes we will rise
After the fire burns all the lies
From the embers our hopes and dreams ignite
Turning rubbles into golden time to realize our fight was fair

Let healing come to pain though sushine turned to cloud
After the thunder speaks the silence takes revenge

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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