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Ride by my side and you will find the peace of mind
You will get what you need, you never be free again
Believe in me and you learn how it’s got to be
You turn into the street of fame and total respect

This alliance of the syndicate brings you
The guarantee for your shady affairs and I
I know your wishes, I know, I know your dreams
I’ve been, been everything you ever want to be

No more you’ll never be frail again for sure
We will guide and protect your plans at the...

Wild bunch
We share all your pain
Wild bunch
you’ll never be free again
Wild bunch
Never will stay alone
Wild bunch
Don’t be afraid anymore
Wild bunch
Members of the...
Wild bunch
Join the...

We rollin’ down into every town
Do you enjoy the sound of our holy guns
We take control over, over their souls
It is, it’s not a fault to be a member of threat

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