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Many times she made me happy
So many times she made me smile
All these tears will turn to madness
My angel is six feet in the ground
There were many men before me
Sold her body for a dime
Painful death was her last fee
And my angel is six feet under the ground

My reason is gone

Can’t give it up
‘Cause it hurts me too much
Can’t give it up
Like that devil’s hand touch
I can’t let go
There is only one way
To find my peace
Can’t give you up

All the time I think about it
This bloody picture in my brain
I found her bleedin’ in the mornin’
The last goodbye so full of pain

I’m knocking on the devil’s back door
And hope that God will look away
My friend, the murder he will die for
And Lord didn’t help me anyway

An eye for an eye
And a tooth for a tooth
A life for a life

I see her dyin’ right before me
When I close my eyes

I’m waiting in him
To leave the right way
Each and every time

Lord, please, please, help me
So, please, please, help me
To find my peace

Don’t give me up

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