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Days Of Thunder - text


I’m searching, I’m riding angry through the rain
With the hunger of life burnin’ in my veins
My East of Eden, the past is gone
I live my freedom till my time has come

My cries of hate, my hope, my truth
Will make up for my wasted youth
What’s done is done and left behind
A silent scream of freedom fills my mind

A rising storm
Stroke thunderbolts
Through the mirror of my soul

Thunder roll
May storm will strike the past and pain below
Roll thunder roll
Roll thunder roll

Now the clouds above me move so fast across the sky
My horse galloped now fast and free
Through this devil’s blasted ride

The sunrise brings the light and day
My new life has begun
New friends, a job, a girl, a date
May these days of thunder rollin’ on

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Video přidal paja65

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