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Bullet with My Name - text


I carry A bullet in my pocket.
Engraved with my own damn name.
If I ever loose this bullet.
I'll have myself, I have myself to blame.
Bartender pour me A tall one.
So I can wash away the sand.
Bourbon's running down my throat.
The glass stays empty in my hand.

A bullet with my name.

Skin cracked from the desert wind.
Dusk makes my face look pale.
Fill my glass up to the brim.
For I got hellhounds on my trail.

A bullet with my name.
But I'm not insane

When the reaper comes A calling.
Whispering my name.
He sure ain't hesitating.
To feed me to the flames.

A bullet with my name.
I hear them call my name.

The lord has turned his back on me.
For I'm an evil seed.
I can't take back the things I've done.
I'm A liar and A cheat.

A bullet with my name.

So thats why I keep that bullet.
Close to my own heart.
And pray I'll never loose it.
As I drift into the dark.

A bullet with my name.
With my name... that's right.

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