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You know I thought I was lonely, I was wrong,
and you know I thought that I was needed, I was wrong,
I didn't know what needed means,
I know what lonely means now that I know you,
I'm so in love with you and I don't know what to do
Hey you know I thought that I was lusted, I was wrong,
Right now it's on a whole new level, don't you know,
I can only put that down to you,
but things are sane for me now that I know you,
All I think about it is YOU, and I've got to have YOU
Hey you know I thought that I knew women, I was wrong,
and you know I thought I knew about beauty, I was wrong,
don't talk to me about trivia, I'm not in the mood,
My hearts so numb from hurting the hurt is all for you,
and now I know what real love means,
I've got to find out those who try to usurp me,
I know that there will be many,
I've got to keep my eyes peeled, will you ever love me baby?
The only woman on earth I want is you,
I will never give my heart to anyone but you,
I love everything you do, and I've got to have you,
I would If I ever had you baby,
You know I told you that I was happy, well baby I was lying,
You're the only thing I care about and I'm sitting here and dying,
you're my dreams and thoughts and prayers, you're everything I want,
You're more than my idea of beauty but in an obsession,
and now I'm gonna wait all soul for me,you'll be so happy baby,
Just you wait and see, put all your trust in me,
I've got to get you onto me.

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