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From a youth of waste
A life of mess
It's a prize to be able to
Express myself
But first:
My name is Kevin Rowland
I'm the leader of the band
Herein I wish to clarify
Relate and state my plans
Tales from near and foreign parts
B-but my friends before we start
I would like to call upon
PC Barrington
Well now
There's no point in punishing
The guilty with their crimes
I've been chastised so many times
I get bitter more every time
PC Barrington and me
We're inclined to disagree
He does not see things like I do
I was never very sure
But I am and I'm feeling sure (?)
I was never very sure
Won't go for me
Will not go for me (?)
I'm not pleading ignorance
Of fundamental things
Politics must be dealt with
But they should not be dwelt in
Well I'm a (?) of a different breed
I take what I want say what I need
I don't intend to follow suit
I got blood, veins, bones now here's my point
I was never very sure
Won't go for me
Will not go for me (?)
Will not cover me (?)
Yeah, well, I thought a little
Joke might be a good idea
Just to sorta, I dunno
Kick off the proceedings
As it were, y'know
Whattaya think, good idea?
[Voices agree]
Yeah, did you ever hear the one
About the, um, y'know, the
Middle-class idiots, who, who
Sorta, spend all their time
Analyzing their own emotions
And writing bullshit poetry
Y'know, that we're supposed to read?
[Laughter begins]
I mean, as if we're fuckin' interested!
(That's a good one!)
Y'like that one, eh?
(Where did ya hear that one?)
Um .
(Did'ja make it up yourself)
No, no, it's a true story that one
Honestly its true I didn't make it up
I was never very sure
I was never very (?)
Won't go for me
Will not go for me (?)
Will not cover me (?)

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