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Devvon Terrell - Work - text


We both had our issues, I love you, hate you then miss you
I know that we both feel the same
I want you to be honest, the only thing that I wish you
Would just do it when we're face-to-face
But here we are, two separate places
In a bed, same room but feeling naked
You know I hate it
I think it's time we finally face it
Don't complicate it, we taking more L's than Meek Mills and we ain't even famous
OK now dab
I write it down, you erase it
Gave you my heart, you misplaced it
Gave you the keys to the crib and then you still sleep in a basement
Gave you the lights so you can see but baby girl you're still playing
Not giving up I'm tighter than the eyes of an Asian
But let me drive and I'll take you to places that you've never gone yet
Know what you're worth and I wanted you more than a Yeezy sweater
Calling I'm calling now you gon' treat me like a bill collector
You gon' really make me


Work work work work work
Said me have to
Work work work work work
She see me do my
Dirt dirt dirt dirt dirt
Saw me put in
Work work work work work

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