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Incitement to Mass Murder - text

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Swarming mass of mindless humans spawning rancor
Scathing hatred festers swelling society imploding
Hatred pushed beyond the boundaries, explosion is upon us
War mass suicide, ingredients to push existence to a close
Human liquidation forced through hand to hand extermination
One by one the lives are driven with a violent predication
Loss of all once pure, lost within greed's lure
Pain becomes the cure, Pain consumes your
Death consumes your
God forgoes your
Hell within your
Death incitement
The falling of wisdom, raped of all existence, the gates of hell open
To kill without consciousness, the weak to be relinquished, violently extinguished
Victims fall to massive torment
Flesh is scalded bones exposing
Faces with their features missing
Saw their gruesome fate as they died
Bound to pain their bodies mangled
Loss of all that was once pure
Pain dealt to the weak and feeble
Life has fallen, hell's incitement
Murder to end the world of men

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