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Carved into Ecstasy - text

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Nightmares, awakened by the screams, echoes from below
The cellar calls again
Enter the cold, the darkest place to harbor souls
Wretched is this dungeon
Bound is she, keeper of my ecstasy
Mired in their filth these bloody pigs await their fate
Abducted, bound and ready to suffer
Bleeding, bruised and ripe for torture
Terror in their dying eyes
They quiver at the sight of my knives
I delight in methodically mutilating
So weak, their flesh is mine for the takingFor days they fall to maniacal perversion
Lust filled rituals
My excitement rises
The blade is my sadistic tool
Scars gape erotically
Gore splattered prison
Only death will set them free
Slicing, through their veins,
Blood clots, burst and inflate
Slowly I caress their pain
Remove some skin and slice their face
Their suffering, brings ecstasy
Their insides, glistening
It’s time now for the final deed
Off with their heads then spew my seed

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