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Under the Lunar Skies - text


The ghost moon, a worldof half-light
in which great upthrusts of primeval rock
showed as black velvet blobs
against a cream-colored background
The moon's hidden face
through the lunar night
the scarred face of the moon
Like the shoals of old that had snagged the ships
of unwary mariners
licking smoothly as the beads of mist
Under the hellish retrofire
of the circular eye of Mare Crisium
and the Marsh of Sleep
the flat bed of the sea of Tranquility
under retrofire
the distant domes of the Sinus Medii
like small silver blobs
against the graysh mantle
where lay the dread Ocean of Storms
(filled with) muted sounds
that echoed and reechoed until they filled the air
with a steady whisper
reminded of the rustle of leaves in an autumn wind
a bizarre forest of rock
that lay naked an raw
under the lunar skies
a scene since the beginning of time

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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