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Stand & Deliver - text


All evil spirits roam through the world
Seeking the ruin and destruction of souls
Into a hell that exists here and now
On a different level of perception

Glimpsed by men in dreams
With certain heathenish mental disciplines
Infernal beauty of desire
se**** intercourse with the devil's child

The constellations have turned to
The right position
The stars are right
To burn people at the stake

Spawned a plague of witchcraft
In the sixteenth century
Festered for two hundred years
Timing was wrong

Unleash hell on earth
Thou shall not suffer a witch to live
Exiled to another world, to the fourth dimension
Thou are neither hot not cold

The confessions extracted from witches
Peasants cavorting in the woods
Breeches down, mocking the village priest
The apparatus of witchcraft
...To indulge depravity

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