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Liber Animus - text


On a journey into the sea of consiousness
into its volume and into its depths
awakning spiritual realisation of devine forces
of inner power and atrenght
Standing in beautiful sandy cove
with high rocks and cliffs
the kingdome of the heavenly realm
of seven immense energy fields
The vision of the seven spirits
seven flames of fire burning
singing under the moonlight
and blowing wisps of swirling
The lap of the black sea upon the golden sand
the wisper of the breeze in the palm trees beyond
The golden light, a reflection of the moon
dark upon the waters
follow me down through the
unlight-filled depths of this ocean to the sea-bed
As we descend we submerge ourselves in the deep unconsious
full of illusions, full of discovers
full of illusions
of beauties and treasures

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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