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I Am in Awe - text


Toward gray snowclad peaks
the sun was descending
a gleam of white god embedded in a sky of cloudless azure
into haze over the mountains
a crimson eye whose heatless rays bathed the wide plain
as if with blood
Far to the north rose enormous snowy peaks
red tinged in a wan light like cold thrones
The shadow
beneath the pale light of stars and a waxing moon
Longing for release and redemption from the matter
to taste of providing revelations
that they carry from the big mind in universes and dimensions
they are raised above by their same nature
to develop unused powers
the awakening of inner lethargical powers
the frozen ones, real estates
Cloudless nights the harsh grate of the sky
gaze at its thousand winking eyes
gaze and think and listen
wait for a wisper
from beyond the blaze of lights
from beyond the gulfs of darkness
A deluge of flaring light rise majestic and undecayed
piercing the sky and blaze all red and gold in a flame
frantic, with an impulse to rush out into the night
and gazed in dreams under the giory of the moon

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