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From the Starry Voids - text


Like the formless fears of nightmare
the cold stars gleamed down
under the slim horns of a crescend moon
wave a magic wand and bring order out of chaos
Sakkuth the king - Sakkuth, king of night
The star-god
cursed by the ancient prophets
worshipped by sorcerers
and savages and demons
The seed of Kaiwan, the star-god
descended from the sky
long before mankind arose
from the starry voids
from the dark planet ehich circles the goat-star
for countless aeons
Served by countless demon-spawn
and waiting to spawn again
before dawn
when the eye of Taurus and the Goat star are rising
Open the gate to Harag-Kolath
and perform the rite
open the gate to thy world
Great mother
witness this rite to the glory
the gate to other realms

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