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Bemused Minds - text


Whispers of the stealthy attendands
voices rising in the brooding darkness
in times of massive death and disaster
when souls wrenched from this world into the next
Men of broader intellect
in realms apart from the cisible world
when the silver and sable of late twilights
burned state
In the distancelay the still waters
of a vast lake with the smooth
glittered cruelly in the cloudless heavens
the incantation for opening the way
fragmentary race memories
A veritable paroxysm of fenerish activity
lifted in shining grandeur towards the heavens
inverted reflection in the waters of sun (glittering rivers)
that flowed between banks of crysoberyl and porphyry
that come from some earlier life
Bemused minds
a handful of mystics and dreamers since time began

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