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The wind is far from quiet
In the autumnal leaves
But I want the city whipped
For it quickens my needs
I cut my losses from the prophets of light
I disappear, ticking fear
For my realm is the night

Come darkness
Death will never sleep again

Sweet is the meat…
The glut of sluts on the street
Fresh abortions in an alley of flies

Come darkness
I'll creep and I'll reap again

Turning trick for treat
Yes I too can be discreet
Best throw caution, my reveal's never nice

Walk faster now
The taste of defeat in the pace I keep
Snapping at your heels, I feel
Exhilarated waiting for the kill

Razor blades are running riot
On the nape of your neck
Is it rape, is it murder, is it pain you expect?
I trip the brittle little steps of your life
I'm coming down and around
Making stains with a knife

Come darkness
Death will never sleep again

Prise be the chase
The joy of toying with a face
Too long your naked form's been the prize

Come darkness
I'll creep and I'll reap again

But best is the rest
Of the score, but can you guess
What wrongs I shall perform for your eyes?

Your vacant eyes
They make me want to pant and rant
And act on my despise

When did you know?
When did the madness start to show?
Through the cracks in my humanity
Black lights to all abode's
Corroded lack of sanity

My senses heightened to the cusp of
Set to project, duly tightened to explode
With lithe precision my incisions are

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