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Girl From Mystery Island - text


Piggy in the middle when the circus came to town
I was born with streaks of moonshine in my veins
scratching hallelujahs on the up and outward bound
I found my Fay Wray dancing in the rain

She was murder, she was cause
Flowing from the jungle dams
Wrapt in a fog that obscured those shores
She was growing wetter in her hinterlands

She was the perfume of pain
Her love was acute
And Monster-baiting again

She wrestled beauty with the snarl of a cat
Washed up on my beach
Like a matter of fact

A burning flame on the wicker man's lap
The place where she rose
Peculiarity's at

She was the essence of loss
Hung out on a limb
And giant aping the cross

Girl from mystery island
seeking asylum, freed from the cage
Shes quite an acrobat, the let off bedroom latch
A reddened snatch from open debate

She was native, she was pure
Her sins original before
I liked her naked foreign cure
She made my conquered heart beat
Like the drumming of claws

She was the queen of delight
A wall to wall savage
With the keenest of minds

She was a delirious sight
A belligerent witch
Of voodoo and the night

A dirty creature to my Doctor Moreau
The sway of dark hips
was a reason to know

Flashing invites with her animal eyes
They spoke of a realm
Where rites of passage decide

This force of nature
A volcano meant to blow
Where the hell did you come from angel?
Where the fuck did you go?

The moon is cold and i am pleading
This world is strange and so misleading
Let me go my soul is needing
The song beyond the gates

I rise now and set
My mind on the coastal road
I rise now and let you lie...

Good bye
My girl from mystery island
Leaving asylum
Freed to the skies

But why?
I want you back
I will scour seven seas for you
Turn out cemeteries for you
Pray I see you smiling on the face of strangers

There I see you hunting for the taste of danger

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