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the only thing that moved inside of you
A blind crusade that we all knew would fall apart
You do not think
you only resist
You're losing the ones that once stood by your side
You're losing your friends
You're losing your trust
You're losing the ones who ever cared for you
I will not forget the past
because it hurt
it made me stronger
You will just avoid the truth
before you know it all will collapse
You take control
No thought
chasing a war
Can't say we all played a part in this
You have yourself
You don't take in a thing we say
believing that we're all fine
The truth is that you're losing ground
Because the higher you climb
the further you fall
And I'll be able to see a fountain of my memories unfold
You said you won't
but I don't believe
I will not go
until we search through our own souls
Open the door to yourself
to us all
If we hold the weight of all our mistakes we'd hide inside ourselves and
be alone
You did it before
And we've borrowed time that's fallen from the outer sides of our thoughts
And we've burnt all our ties
With your life ablaze you won | concede
A product of the same decay of your world
But you've never tried to see
And I'll be able to see a fountain of my memories unfold
You said you won't
but I don | believe
While all time that you've spent on all the bad times that you have lived
But I hope you'll see
believe this was for the best.

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