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Like a pouring of the rain,
Drowns my life
Like this white walls
I am trapped
I still can realize
But why do they cease me to think?
I have tried to write
But they cut my fingers off
I still can think
I see the symbols of world creation
I have tried to speak
But why do they cut off my tongue?
Forever despair
Forever solitude
My guide-my pain
Why do i still breathe?
White walls, on your eyes i've left my nails
Steel bars on window, how many teeth have i left for you?
Gray floor, my prison gate, i hate you
But you could not get my conscience away!
I saw the numbers you consisted of
I'd have told you to free me but my tongue...
I still feel weaker
I could open my mind, but society turned away
I fear every one
'cause i see what they are consisted of
Now there's no way out
Someday they'll kill my conscience
But if i try to run
They may cut my legs off...

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Inflicted Deviations


Deviant Syndrome texty

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