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Together (Feat. Marc Bosserman) - text


We are all in this together
No matter what they say
Take a look around, everyone you see
Because all of depend on everyone of us together
We will all be free someday
No matter your dismay
The truth cannot be chained, it rises up again
And we will all be free someday, be free
And all of us together
All of us, all of us
We will all be free someday

Deuce: There's a certain side of me I wanna show you, but it's hiding me
Deep inside, I'm fighting me
Why? Because I'm blind to me
But you, you can see the light in me
Your lyrics always guided me
The spirit's right beside me
Yeah, there's a magic in the music, like your mask pretend to use it
Now all them words, they turned to fluid
It was you, you helped me through it
Yeah, we're statics, yeah, I knew it
Always casting for the future
Yeah, I rap because I do it
When we're gone, they'll put up statues
We'll be laughing cause we chopped them up in baskets
And do some wrong, we'll still be fucking laughing

Marc Bosserman: We will all go home
No matter what they say
To the end of every star
And every one of us there are
All of us, we will, we will be free
All of us together
And all of us, all of us
We will all be free
Every one of us together

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Zajímavosti o písni

  • Toto byl první song od Deuce poté, co odešel z Hollywood Undead. (LimeCZ)
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