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What is a hero?
Who am I?
I'm a simple multi-platinum rock star
Living a simple multi-platinum life
I don't know 'bout that crazy world
Just driving this a-list mile
I'm just a filthy-rich economic power
And all that I need, I buy
Oh, how can I be a hero
When I'm just a krillionaire?
There ain't no groupie blowj**
That can help me to prepare
How can I be a hero
When I'm just a man
That is larger than life, yeah
I'm just a tiny little
Minuscule superstar
Trying to get by
Maybe if we threw
This life away
We could learn to live
A different way
Oh, I'll go back to school
And get myself a degree
In something **** useless
Like psychology
I could gets myself a wifes
And leads a different lifes
And hides in the bathroom
And jack offs every night
Start drivin' a hybrid
Brag that I'm savin' the planet
Quote SNL at works all days
And acts likes it's ad libs
But if that's the life of a regular jack off
I'd probably just kill myself
How can I be a hero
When my d*** is big as a shoe?
There ain't no all-access passes
That will help me to break through
So many items on my backstage rider
But there ain't no bravery
I'm just the seventh top financial power
But I'm little ol' me
How can I be a hero
When I get everything for free?
I screws mores girls than Wilt Chamberlains
I can proves it with my STDs
How can I be a hero
When we're the world's largest metal band?
I'll never be a hero
'Cause I'm better than everyone
But I'm just a man
I'm afraid the answer is: No.

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