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Sound Guy: Hey uh, Skwisgaar uh, you might wanna check uh, you sound a little flat.

Skwisgaar: Whats dat? Whats dat?

Sound Guy: You sound a little flat...

Skwisgaar: What? Whats dat?

Toki: He Wonts admits it.

Sound Guy: Your guitar.

Nathan: It sounds like your flat.

Sound Guy: Your Guitar sounds like its flat.

(Band members ramble about Skwitsgaar's guitar being flat)

William: Turn that lever.

Toki: He wonts admits it.(In unison with Nathan)
Nathan: his guitar is fll-.

William: Uh, its got-, you gotta turn that lever on the top.

Skwisgaar: The high ones? The high strings?

Nathan: Hey Skwisgaar it's Nathan, your guitars outta tune, just a little bit.

Skwisgaar: Which ones makes it goes tighter?

William: Turn that gear that's, connected to the string.

Skwisgaar: It's doesn'ts seems to wants to go.

Pickles: Dude you're, you're tuning it the wrong, dude you're tuning it the, your tuning it the wrong way. Skwisgaar your tuning it too low. Lemme get in there, lemme get in there, just lemme get in there!

Pickles: Hey, i'm in here now, ok?

Skwisgaar: Alright fine!

Pickles: Lemme try to tune it dude. You just, you gotta go higher than that. Now it's going up see, it's going up see, up see, thats where it's gotta be. See it sounds better, dude it's only getting better.

Skwisgaar: Yeah it sounds better, yup. Oh, you brokes it.

Sound Guy: Hey uh, guys, uh.

Pickles: Yeah?

Sound Guy: Try- Just try to tune the next one ok? Just try to tune the next one. Cuz the first one, we lost the first one.

William: Lemme in there.

Sound Guy: The first one's a gonner.

William: Let me in there, just- here, eh.

William: I'm in here now.

Skwisgaar: Hi.

Pickles: Hey.

William: Look, here's what we gotta do. The first one is just too high, do this one like this. See, move it and move it. Move it there...

William: Somthin's not right!

Skwisgaar: Somthin's wrong here!

Pickles: Dude! What's wrong with this? There's somthing wrong here.

Sound Guy: Hey guys. uh, sounds like we lost uh, the second one in there. Uh you know what, lets just uh... Lets just move on to the next one ok? And uh, lets salvage what we can, you know. It's uh... Lets get somthin on tape today ok? So, just uh, try to get the next one in tune ok? Cuz it sounds a little off.

Toki: I'm goin inz there.

Toki: I'm inz here now.

Pickles: Hi Tokis.

William: Hi Toki.

Toki: You just take it, like this and tunes with, thumbs and fore fingers, and just turns it, and listens, and turns and listens, and turns and listens.

Toki: That's not right?!

Pickles: Somthin's wrong with this! I think it's the strings!

Sound guy: Hey uh guys? Hey guys, guys? Guys? It sounds like we uh, we lost uh, another string, I mean I don't- I don't know what to do with you, I mean I'm at a loss. Maybe I should just uh, you know uh, cut you loose for the day,

Sound Guy: and hire a tech or somthing to get in here and take a look at this thing...(In Unison with William)
William: Yeah! Titty bar! Cut us loose man, fuck this shit! See ya!)

Sound Guy: Because I don't- I don't know what to do.

Nathan: You know what?- You know what? I have an- I got an idea. I can do it let me try, lemme, just let me get in- let me get in there!

Nathan: I'm in here now.

Everyone: Hi Nathan.

Nathan: so here's what you gotta- Everybody crowd the last few strings, and just twist them verry uh, its about being gentle and listening to the instrument. Cuz playing a musical instrument, so just verry gently.

(Everyone is rambling because the guitars strings all broke)

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