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The Bitter Man - text


So call me the bitter man
Cos I do no longer care.
Tear off my skin, look deep in my soul
And I'll show the scars I wear.
I'm not crying, I'm not crying,
I'm not the crying kind but you're dying yeah
You're dying cos you're the dying kind.
And I've been to the end
And I'll take you there so don't make me think
Cause I don't even care.

And I'll be happy to pour some salt in your wounds
Cos I'd love to see you cry.
So don't trust my smile and don't trust my eyes
Cos I promise you I'll lie
And I won't waste my time to prove you wrong
Cos it would take too god damn long,
Take too god damn, take too god damn,
Take too god damn long.

You wish you'd be once again the one
That wins in the end.
Don't hope too much now my friend.
Don't hope too much now my friend, let it go!

The words I'll never speak
Still echoes in my mind
Just gaze into these empty eyes
And tell me what you find

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