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Tell me who I am.
Look what I've become what I've turned into.
I'm not longer me the one I used to be.
I am made of stone and you better believe it's true
Try to stop from falling down.
You'll be in hell much faster than you know

It's just not enough
That I've killed myself, oh so many times,
Now I hardly exist
I am drained from blood
Cos you're in my veins.

I need to be set free from chains and burdens,
Free from all that's old and crippled.
Won't try to keep warm what is dead.
You’re on your own much faster than you know

Hey, I'll keep myself away.
Hey, hey, just keep myself away

Can't you see that I'm dying, fading away
I can't fight all your demons.
You're too full of pain.

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